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Supporting the Essential Actions in the Effective Schools Framework (ESF)

According to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), what you’ll find at the core of effective schools is effective instruction. SchoolMint solutions are designed to elevate teachers and strengthen the classroom environment. Working with Texas’ school districts, our data-driven toolset is used to support the key practices and essential actions that the most effective schools take to improve learning outcomes. Many Texas school districts are successfully using SchoolMint products and services to support ESF Levers:

  • Lever 1 Strong School Leadership and Planning - Schools and districts can use SchoolMint analytics to monitor implementation and continuously improve upon the need identification and planning process to easily identify trends and adapt plans to ensure benchmarks are met.
  • Lever 2 Strategic Staffing - Implement targeted and personalized coaching strategies to support and retain staff.
  • Lever 3 Positive School Culture - Leverage a platform, such as SchoolMint Hero, that ensures that your system of rewards and consequences are equitable and delivered in a common language.
  • Lever 4 High-Quality Instructional Materials and Assessments - Streamline lesson plan internalization and feedback processes, with SchoolMint Grow’s Lesson Plan Feedback feature, and coach your teachers to the expected level of rigor.
  • Lever 5 Effective Instruction - Build teacher capacity through observation and feedback cycles, and engage in data-driven analysis of student work. Using SchoolMint, schools can record, upload, share, and reflect on instruction with the SchoolMint Grow mobile video app.

Creating Brighter Classrooms For the Lone Star State

Improve Attendance and School Culture with SchoolMint Hero

SchoolMint Hero is an all-in-one behavior management platform that unites campuses under a unified plan and is proven to help increase student attendance. Designed around the PBIS framework, Texas educators use this tool to track attendance and behavior, improve student culture and build more engaged classrooms.

  • Track school-wide behaviors such as attendance and suspensions in one place.
  • Build safe schools and a positive climate & culture.
  • Enable teachers and administrators to easily recognize and reward good behavior while redirecting negative behavior with proactive interventions.
  • Customize the platform to fit your school. Set up and use the features you need — and turn off the ones you don’t.
  • Interact with families more easily with real-time updates. Students and families can use Hero to track behavior, actions, and more at a moment’s notice.

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Instructional coaching and classroom observation made easy

Support Classrooms and Teacher Development with SchoolMint Grow

SchoolMint Grow is designed to systematically track coaching feedback and churn out powerful reports so that coaching is data-driven. Campus leaders across Texas leverage Grow to effectively and efficiently elevate educators.

  • Build a culture of a growth mindset.
  • Help your coaches speak a common feedback language, whether that’s Get Better Faster, The Impact Cycle, or another district coaching process.
  • Move your instructional leadership off of pen, paper, or individual spreadsheets, and instead under one roof.
  • Leverage analytics to identify trends and allocate resources where they’re most needed.
  • Enable coaching relationships at every level: teacher and coach, coach and principal, principal and district leader.
  • Record, upload, share and reflect on instruction with the Grow mobile video app.
  • Manage all feedback – observations, time-stamped notes, in-the-moment tips, personalized action steps, meeting documentation, lesson plans, and more – in one place.

Enrollment all in one place

Modernize and Streamline Enrollment with SchoolMint Enroll

For almost a decade, Texas schools and districts have used SchoolMint to manage online enrollment, choice, and transfer processes to drive long-term growth. We are committed to giving parents and administrators a one-stop shop for school enrollment.

  • Manage open enrollment and interdistrict transfers with ease.
  • Make school choice easier for parents and school administration with an online enrollment tool so no need for all of that paper and filing cabinets.
  • Seamless and flexible SIS integration with many providers including Skyward.
  • Bring your choice, transfer, and admissions applications online so you can make it easy for families to learn about the district & enroll in their preferred school.
  • Find open seats and run lottery processes to fill those seats.
  • Enhance equity and accessibility with mobile-friendly and multilingual enrollment platforms that provide better family experiences and improved communication.

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Ongoing Support and Service

A Commitment to Care

We are committed to fostering dedicated partnerships with Texas educators through the delivery of unrivaled support and services. Your investment in our solutions is only the first step in an ongoing relationship, which is why SchoolMint offers 24/7 support for your students, families and staff.

  • Train staff and support your operations with our dedicated Customer Implementation and Customer Success teams.
  • Access our Virtual Reference Desk to quickly locate detailed user guides and references for Texas administrators.
  • Reduce administrative burden by providing 24/7 online support for your students and families through our dedicated Schoolmint Family Support teams.

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“Hero’s data has allowed us to revolutionize our entire behavior management system. We’re now focused on interventions rather than punitive measures.”

“In addition to the impact on teaching and learning within a building, the Grow platform’s reporting capabilities will also allow for district-level leaders to identify trends, allocate resources where they’re most needed, and even plan PD around skills that the data shows are growth areas - all based in quantifiable data that they can easily access on the platform.”

“[SchoolMint Grow] eliminated the need to have to go to several different places to get different things from different people. So we’re all on one location, using one platform, and we’re all on the same page speaking a common language.”


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