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Get New London's playbook & see 
how they grew enrollment by 18%.

An educator’s step-by-step playbook for student recruitment & retention

Six years ago, the New London, Connecticut school district was facing state takeover. They needed to raise more revenue to survive, but property taxes alone would never cut it. And so, they turned to enrollment. Adopting a year-round practice for recruitment and retention, New London was able to better serve the community, draw neighboring students in, and secure their future by realizing 18% enrollment growth.

Their strategies are now a model any educator can follow. Working with SchoolMint, New London has outlined the exact plan they followed in this playbook, Linking Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Attract, Enroll, and Retain Students.

Inside the book, you’ll find a step-by-step plan that details:

  • How to ease the pressure and burden of seasonal recruiting with a year-round outreach and marketing practice
  • What specific steps you need to take in the pre-, mid-, and post-season enrollment stages to ensure continual growth
  • Where to effectively focus your attention today and tomorrow to create a successful cycle of retention