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Six Ways Local Leaders Can Make A Big Difference

Nearly 8 million students are chronically absent nationwide each year. It’s such a staggering number, the federal government is calling it a “crisis.” And rightly so. No educator, school, or district will ever improve academic outcomes if our children are showing up to school less and less. The link is abundantly clear. Time and again the statistics show chronically absent children are at serious risk of falling behind in school:

But, change is possible. And it can come from the local level.

This guide combines the latest academic research with practical strategies that work to reduce chronic absenteeism. Written by former educators at SchoolMint, we know these strategies are effective because we’ve seen them work firsthand.

Download the guide to get help with:

  • Uncovering why chronic absenteeism happens
  • Finding high-risk students & intervening
  • Bringing absent students back to school for good

6 practical step in this one guide – all created to help you make a difference in your district.

We know you can do it. #BeTheChange